Sourdough bread, NUS new season cold pressed olive oil, fava and salt crystals
Green skordalia with caper leaf and paprika oil V
Vlita and fennel croquettes with manoura cheese caramelized yoghurt, crispy garlic
Manoura cheesecake on aniseed biscuit with root vegetable pickle
Lathouri with daily crudités from our farm, dry goat cheese rub and dakos
Tomato salad, mizithra cream, cucumber, purslane, xinohontro and carob soil
Beetroot, rocket, chickpeas, manoura, tahini dressing and candied walnuts
Whole burned aubergine, feta cream, pepper gel, crispy parsley and fermented banana
Triple cooked Naxian potato chips with yoghurt and fresh herbs
Sifnos goat Shoulder, local grains, preserved lemon, anchovy butter
Woodoven smoked pork rib, freekeh grains and pomegranate glaze
Dwarf chicken glazed with apricot and aniseed served in a smoke dome, tarragon crispy salad


Octopus carpaccio, tomato vinegar caviar, pink rose preserve and sea fennel
Fried baby calamari, nori, roasted garlic aioli
Grilled large calamari, NUS chickpea miso, spring onion kimchi
Marinated fresh prawns in koji with celery, crispy mint and smoked chilli
Sea bream tartar, green almond, cucumber, fermented red pepper and charcoal fishbone
Sea bass fillet pan seared, poached vegetables, shrimp oil and mushroom consommé
Soft shell crab with hand rolled pasta, anhydrous tomato, and mizithra
Grilled tuna fillet with almirikia, chamomile mustard with local honey and lime


Honey and lemon verbena semifreddo with sifnian red plum and meringue
White chocolate mousse with new season apricot compote, granola and hibiscus
Bitter almond frangipane with vanilla yoghurt and carrot caramel
Citrus supreme, bay leaf syrup and vanilla ice cream and bergamot oil
Ice creams of the month : dark chocolate misofresh parsleyapricot rippleblack tahini

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