Sourdough bread and anise dry rusk, New-season olive oil, seas alt V
Garlic and walnut skordalia, caper berries, chive oil V
Manoura savoury cheesecake, aniseed biscuit V
Beetroot salad with sesame, anthotiro, roasted walnut, fresh mint V
Narlis Farm chickpea Revithada, green olives, lemon V
Aubergine charred, florini pepper jell, yoghurt, pickled onion, parsley crisp V
Potato Triple cooked chips, yoghurt and fresh herbs V
Organic chicken breast, green pea puree, almond, potato
Wild zigouri goat, preserved lemon, filo pastry pie
Fresh farm egg pasta V
Courgette croquettes, anthotiros, marjoram, raisins and cured egg yolks V


Chilled fide noodles, sea urchin, tomato consommé, spring onion, almond, garlic and chilli oil
Fried baby calamari, seaweed, roasted garlic mayo
Octopus, tomato vinegar, rose preserve and kritamo
Fish of the day ceviche, green gazpacho, cucumber salad, tapioca cracker, wild garlic flowers
Grilled calamari, homemade chickpea miso, rocket, spring onion kimchi
Fried Simian shrimp, spirulina bun
Tuna mi-cuit, seaweed jell, black tahini cream, sun-dried caper relish
Grouper fillet pan-seared, anhydrous ospriada, katsuobushi, green mustard
Seabass butterflied and stuffed with vlita greens, oven-dried tomatoes

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